Video teaser

A humorous cartoon video presenting the project was made, to be shared on social media such as Whatsapp or Facebook by the gold miners themselves and by the facilitators.

This video is used to promote the project and to explain the challenges of malaria and where to find a Malakit. It is based on the interests of the target population, such as football or male-female relations,  and models the humor of its screenplay on the type of video usually shared by garimpeiros.

The video was created by the animation studio Boniato Studio and tested on the population by the Malakit team.

RDT Video

A short video was made to teach gold miners how to perform the kit’s specific RDT on themselves.

It was created to be shown to participants during training sessions using the tablet, before they carry out the self-test under the supervision of a facilitator. This eliminates the need for repeated demonstration by the facilitators.

The video, which is also included in the Malakit application, can be viewed anywhere at any time by gold miners who have a smartphone, to remind them of all the steps of the procedure. With a voiceover in Portuguese, the video is particularly useful to complement the illustrated instructions of the kit for persons with limited literacy.

This tailored tool was developed using a participatory approach by the Malakit coordinator, Muriel Galindo, and a masters intern, Sam Trinh.