The article “Core principles of Malakit intervention for transferability in other contexts” published in Malaria Journal presents the fundamental principles of the Malakit strategy, with a view to its transferability to other contexts (available here).

Having demonstrated its effectiveness during the research phase in our specific context, we believe this intervention could be useful in other contexts facing residual malaria in hard-to-reach and/or mobile populations. The Malakit intervention is complex and has many components. Its transferability requires adaptation to other populations and regions, while retaining the main features of the intervention.

This article therefore presents the process of transferring this intervention to other contexts, sharing our experience and know-how. It aims to provide those interested in this strategy with the keys to adapting, implementing and evaluating it in their own context.

Evaluation of the transferability and effectiveness of the Malakit strategy in new contexts will be essential to increase and refine the evidence of its value, and to decide whether it could be an additional tool in the arsenal recommended in future WHO guidelines.

The article will also be available in French, Spanish and Portuguese: (work in progress)

  • Eléments clés de l’intervention Malakit pour sa transférabilité dans d’autres contextes
  • Principios básicos de la intervención Malakit para la transferibilidad en otros contextos
  • Princípios fundamentais da intervenção Malakit para transferibilidade em outros contextos

On the road to eliminating malaria, we think it’s really important to consider new methods that are truly adapted to the needs of populations.