Curema is a multi-centre, international public health intervention research project. Our study population is represented by illegal gold miners who are active and mobile in the Guiana Shield, deep into the Amazonian forest.

The intervention is represented by a package of actions (education, presumptive anti-relapse treatment for P. vivax, distribution of a self-care kit for malaria attacks occurring in extreme isolation) that are offered at settlements on the borders rivers that represent transit and logistic bases of the gold miners.

Our design is hybrid, aiming to evaluate both the effectiveness of the intervention on malaria transmission (with a pre/post quasi-experimental design), and its implementation (with a mixed methods approach).

The evaluation will be carried out through the components of the CUREMA study:
1.     the intervention itself
2.     pre/post-intervention cross-sectional surveys
3.     the contribution from the social sciences and community-based approach (qualitative research and participatory evaluation process)
4.     and the modelling of epidemiological surveillance data

Sponsor : Centre Hospitalier de Cayenne
Investigators Coordonnators : Dr Alice SANA, Dr Maylis DOUINE (France)
Investigator Principal Suriname : Dr Stephen VREDEN
Investigator Principal Brazil : Dr Martha SUAREZ-MUTIS