Overview of Malakit

Malakit is a pilot research study which aims to assess a new malaria control strategy targeting gold miners working illegally in French Guiana due to the high malaria burden among this population.

This project is based on the free distribution of malaria self-diagnosis and self-treatment kits in smart packaging, together with appropriate training and information, at transit points along the Maroni and Oiapoque rivers.

News and documentary resources

The kit

The kit is a lightweight, waterproof, easy to transport, transparent plastic pouch.

This smart packaging is split into two pockets: one contains three malaria rapid diagnostic tests, the other a full  course of the antimalarial artemether 20 mg/lumefantrine 120 mg combination (Coartem®), a 15-mg single dose of primaquine, and paracetamol. Illustrated instructions in Portuguese are printed directly on the plastic packaging.

The phone app

A phone app was developed specifically for the project. It features illustrated information on malaria in general and on the Malakit project, such as where to get a kit for example, as well as videos that remind users how to perform a rapid diagnostic test. It also includes a step-by-step guide to help participants use the Malakit, including precautions for use. After starting treatment, participants receive notifications to remind them to take each dose of antimalarial medication.