From Malakit to Curema!

Curema is a pilot research study which aims to assess a new malaria elimination strategy targeting gold miners working illegally in French Guiana due to the high malaria burden among this population.

This project combine the free distribution of malaria self-diagnosis and self-treatment kits (‘malakits’) in smart packaging with a radical cure of P. vivax hypnozoites for potential carriers after testing for contraindications. 

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The kit

The kit is a lightweight, waterproof, easy to transport, transparent plastic pouch.

This smart packaging is split into two pockets: one contains three malaria rapid diagnostic tests, the other a full  course of the antimalarial artemether 20 mg/lumefantrine 120 mg combination (Coartem®), a 15-mg single dose of primaquine, and paracetamol. Illustrated instructions in Portuguese are printed directly on the plastic packaging.

Radical treatment for P. Vivax

People who are likely to be carriers of latent forms (hypnozoites) of Plasmodium Vivax are treated with primaquine or tafenoquine after screening for contraindications. This will prevent relapses and reduce transmission.