The intervention include a common core (malaria health education activity) and two modules that are offered to participants.

Each participant meeting the inclusion criteria is able to choose between participating to one or both modules.

  • The common core of health education focus on malaria: its causes, means of prevention, the main differences between P. falciparum and P. vivax disease, the importance of a complete treatment against any form of Plasmodium sp.
  • Module A of the intervention is the treatment targeting asymptomatic individuals at risk of carrying P. vivax. Individuals at risk are identified with the help of clinic-epidemiological criteria. The aim of this module is to prevent relapses and to reduce the number of human hosts able to transmit the parasite.
  • Module B of the intervention corresponds to the distribution, after appropriate training, of a malakit (self-test and self-treatment kit). The aim of this module is to provide access to quality diagnosis and treatment for episodes of symptoms compatible with malaria that occur in situations of extreme remoteness from health services.